Last April, 18 volunteers from seven different camps worked on several projects at Camp Bob on Vancouver Island. They were the FCC work party for 2017, and they came with not only skills and willing hearts, but also $6500 raised at the BC Camping Conference toward these projects.

The predominant purpose of the work party is to encourage, help and bless one of our camps by providing some financial assistance and practical help in tackling much-needed projects.  

Would your camp like to be considered as our 2018 focus camp? Or do you have a suggestion of a camp that is in need of this kind of help? Please fill out and submit the brief survey below before December 15th. Follow up will happen in January, and we would like to present the selected camp and its projects at the BC Camping Conference, January 29 to February 1.

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* 2. If you are suggesting another camp to be the recipient of a work party, what is the name of the camp and what are the needs there?

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* 3. What are the best dates in the Spring for you to host a work party (typically in April)?

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* 4. What is your list of projects that you would like completed in Spring 2018?

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We will reply to you with more details in January 2018.