CYM called 2017 a "fallow year" because Friends chose not to meet in our traditional CYM-in-Session in August.  The original impetus for the fallow year was to save money, but we've come to see this as a spiritual exercise, allowing Canadian Friends to try using our resources differently for a year.
CYM needs to know what effect the fallow year is having on Friends.  How has the fallow year affected your involvement with Canadian Yearly Meeting, your Monthly Meeting or Worship Group and Quakerism in general? 
Discernment on future changes  to CYM-in-Session will continue at Fall Representative Meeting, with decisions to be made at CYM 2018.  We need your feedback to help inform that discernment.
In order to have your experience contribute to this question at Fall Representative Meeting, we need your survey response no later than October 31, 2017.