Your Voice Will Help Shape A Provincial Gang Strategy

It is understood that gangs and gang activity are on the rise in Saskatchewan, and these activities affects us all. Traditionally, suppression has been the desired approach to address the issues, however, we know now that community-based approaches that are multi-faceted and community led are more effective in addressing street gang activities and behaviours. As a result, in collaboration with communities, governments, and institutions, we are looking to develop a strategy unique to the gang experience of Saskatchewan.

Throughout the last year, STR8 UP, Inc. has been negotiating with Ministries of Justice, and Policing and Corrections at both the federal and provincial level to lead in the development of a prevention and intervention gang strategy for Saskatchewan.

We are inviting you to participate in a quick questionnaire that will be used to frame the development of the strategy. You will not be asked to identify yourself. We do ask for the name of your community or region (northeast, northwest, southeast, southwest). We also ask your age as a way to better understand different perceptions of what is needed to address gang activity in and around where you live. We thank you for your participation to complete this brief questionnaire to help us better understand the issues that your community and others are facing.