Public Comment Survey

Want to tell your civic leaders what your community should be like in 20-30 years?

Want to tell them which issues you feel are most important?

Here’s your chance!

The Lumpkin County Government is updating their Comprehensive Plan that will help guide development and capital projects.  The community can only achieve its vision if it knows what that vision is, so please take part in this process and tell us what issues you'd like the County to prioritize.  All comments will be confidential and incorporated in the planning process.   

When you consider each question, please note that while the focus is on the Lumpkin County it is expected that some concerns may reach beyond county boundaries.  As the government considers these responses they understand many issues and objectives might be more reflect of the City of Dahlonega or the greater Lumpkin area, and future actions will depend on evolving partnerships with neighboring governments, the School Board, and other area stakeholders.   

Note: The City of Dahlonega is also updating their comprehensive plan. You can find a similar survey for that process here. 

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* 1. I am submitting comments for Lumpkin County as a:

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* 2. If you live and/or work in Lumpkin County, how long have you been in the area?

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* 3. If you moved to Lumpkin County from somewhere else please indicate which of the reasons explain your move.

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* 4. If you live within Lumpkin County, please indicate all of the following activities that you do mostly within Lumpkin County.

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* 5. If you live outside Lumpkin County, please indicate all of the following activities which you do mostly within Lumpkin County.

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* 6. If you commute into Lumpkin County for work, approximately how far is your commute?