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* 1. You may leave these fields blank if you'd like to remain anonymous.

* 2. Did you attend the October 5, 2009 Crusader Classic?

* 3. The cost to attend this year's Crusader Classic was $175.00. Fees at Chartiers Country Club per golfer for greens fees and food was $135.00. Do you feel the Crusader Classic price is:

* 4. If you have not attended the Crusader Classic in recent years, what is the main reason?

* 5. Where would you like next year's Crusader Classic to be held?

* 6. What day of the week would you like the Crusader Classic to be held on?

* 7. Have you been pleased with gifts at past Crusader Classics?

* 8. What is your favorite aspect of Golf Outings in general?

* 9. What, if any, recommendations do you have to improve the 2010 Crusader Classic?