Eastview Athletic Department Survey

Student-Athletes your input is extremely valuable! We are hoping you’ll take a few minutes to share comments on your season. Individual surveys remain with the athletic office but we will compile general information that is important to share with individual coaching staffs so they can do their best job coaching our student athletes.

* 4. How'd Ya Do- What was the most fun you had this season? What was your most memorable moment?

* 5. How'd Ya Do- What was something you learned this season beyond the skills of your sport?

* 6. How'd Ya Do- What was something you improved on this season?

* 7. How'd Ya Do- What was something you appreciated about an opponent this season?

* 8. What was it like to be coached by this coach or coaching staff this season? Was your coaching staff's Purpose Statement made clear to you as an athlete?

* 9. List any specific suggestions or areas of improvement from your perspective as a student-athlete you would like to offer the coaching staff.

* 10. Describe what a successful season means to you. Based on your definition was your season a "successful" one?

* 11. Any other information you would like to share about your experience?