* 1. What was your role at the event?

* 2. Please rate the legs below from 1 to 7 where 1 is poor and 7 is excellent.

  Poor Average Excellent Did not Attend
Pittsburg to Colebrook
Colebrook to Lancaster
Lancaster to Lincoln
Lincoln to Plymouth
Plymouth to Meredith
Meredith to Franklin
Franklin to Concord
Milan to Gorham
Jackson to Gorham
Jackson to Conway
Ossipee to Wolefboro
Alton to Durham
Hanover to New London
Charlestown to New London
New London to Concord
Winchester to Keene
Rindge to Hillsborough
Hillsborough to Concord
Salem to Hudson
Nashua to Manchester
Manchester to Concord
Plaistow to Lee
Candia to Lee
Seabrook to Durham
Concord to Durham
Lebanon to Canaan
Common Man to Statehouse
Final Leg (Durham to Games)

* 3. What did we do well?

* 4. What needs to be improved?

* 5. Anything else you'd like to share?

* 6. Please leave your name, email address and/or phone number if you would like to get more involved in the Torch Run. 

If you'd rater not to leave your information here, contact Jayne Turkington at JayneT@sonh.org.

* 7. The NH Law Enforcement Torch Run Conference will take place from noon on Wednesday, November 29th to noon on Thursday, November 30th in Waterville Valley.  One person from each agency (not including leg leaders) is invited to attend the conference as our guest.  Additional attendees are welcome to attend (but will need to pay a registration fee).  Are you interested in attending the conference on behalf of your agency?

If yes, please leave your contact information below or contact Jayne Turkington at JayneT@sonh.org