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2020 has been a challenging year for everyone so far.

For many of us, the COVID-19 pandemic is leaving a deep impact in our daily lives, our ability to work, and our plans for the future. Some of us have lost people we love. Some of us are seeing negative changes in society and environmental progress that are reversing hard-won gains and it will take many more years of hard work to undo them, again. Other people are discovering new opportunities and "silver linings" that wouldn't have been possible without the radical changes brought about by the pandemic.

The CoalitionWILD network gives us the opportunity to share our thoughts, experiences and ideas in these uncertain times. By sharing our stories, we hope that the community comes together to foster mutual support, generate reflection and discussion, and provide a global record of the unique challenges and realities faced by young people around the world.

From the CoalitionWILD team, we would like to remind you that the network is here to support you. We stay strong together as the passionate and open community we all know and love.

Here, we invite you to share your experiences and stories from the past few months, using this simple survey we have created. We've structured it using some guiding questions to help you collect your thoughts. 

We will craft some of the responses from our community into stories that we will publish on our social media platforms and websites. If you have any questions about this process, please write us at:

The CoalitionWILD Team

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* 1.
How has the pandemic affected you and the plans you had for your projects in 2020?
And have you been able to adapt your plans, or innovate in response? If YES, how?

Question Title

* 2.
To which extent can you still carry out project activities in this restricted environment?

Question Title

* 3.
How likely you think it is that your project activities will return back to normal once the pandemic will have been contained?

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* 4.
Based on your previous response, why do you think you will see this effect on your project activities?

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* 5.
What is your biggest fear about the pandemic in relation to environmental sustainability and conservation?

Question Title

* 6.
What opportunities and hopes do you have for your post-pandemic life?

Question Title

* 7.
Have you seen your community or those around you do something inspiring, uplifting, or heartwarming to mitigate the impact of Covid-19? If so, please share it with us.

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* 8. You can choose to share your identity with us. By doing so you would give us the permission to quote you in the story we will publish. If you would rather not share your identify, your response will be recorded anonymously.

Thank you very much for completing this survey and providing us with an insight into your experiences.

From the CoalitionWILD team, we hope you and your loved ones stay healthy and safe.
We wish you all the best in the awesome work you're doing for our planet. 

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