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* 1. What is your #1 want/desire/priority as a CEO?

* 2. What is your #1 want/desire/priority for yourself personally?

* 3. What do you think it will take to double your fulfillment and progress this year? 

* 4. What has worked and not worked in developing your and your teams leadership? 

* 5. What barriers would you like to overcome to be even more of the leader you aspire to be? 

* 6. How do you currently address enhancing and protecting your achievement and progress?

* 7. Are you open and interested in knowledge, techniques, technologies and programs proven to enhance & more highly protect your and your teams achievement and progress? If so, why?

* 8. What is your inner why and purpose for doing what you do?

* 9. 11. What peaks your interest based on what you saw on our website?

* 10. Would you like a full presentation (in-person or online) about our Science of Protection of Achievement & Progress and how it activates an invincible leadership state for you and your team? Or do you prefer a private call or in-person meeting? If so, what is the best way to coordinate and schedule a call, meeting and/or full presentation, with you and your team?