1. Online Evaluation

Please complete this online evaluation to provide feedback on content and delivery of CUE's professional development.

Please answer the questions below with the statement that most closely corresponds to your evaluation of the session.

* 1. The course content was appropriate to my needs and level of skill.

* 2. The lead learner was knowledgeable, excellent and well prepared.

* 3. The course presented solid implementation approaches that I can use in my classroom.

* 4. Course time was managed well, with a good balance between technical and curricular goals.

* 5. What was the most valuable part of today's training?

* 6. How could today's training have been better?

* 7. What CUE member benefit do you find most valuable?

* 8. What services and/or resources would you most like to see from CUE?

* 9. Any other comments?

* 10. Name (optional)

* 11. School site (optional)