1. Introduction

Welcome to the Situational Awareness and Emotional Intelligence survey.  This survey has been designed by Dr. Wanda Curlee and Marie Sterling,MBA. Together we have over 40 years experience in Portfolio, program and project management. 

This research is to evaluate the correlation between your emotional intelligence quotient and your ability to understand your surroundings in other words your situational awareness at work. We believe the success of your job starts with the knowledge and practice of both.  The purpose of situational awareness and emotional intelligence is to support effective decision making. So the goal of this survey is to capture your current understanding of both and to determine:

1.    The ability of a project/program manager to obtain correct information required for situational awareness development.
2.    To determine if situational awareness is continuous throughout your work environment.
3.    To establish the situational awareness confidence levels and ability to make decisions.
4.    To determine the correlation between situational awareness and emotional intelligence results.

We also believe even experienced leaders and projects; program and portfolio managers can take advantage of situational awareness and emotional intelligence training. Leadership matters. Everyone must be on the same page in order to remain competitive.

This survey has been designed to assess key points in each typical business work scenario. It is a mixture of multiple choice and short answer survey questions. The survey has two parts. The first part is situational awareness and the second part is emotional intelligence.The situational awareness part of the survey has two separate scenarios and each scenario has different questions. Once you read the scenario and the questions appear you will no longer have access to the scenario. Once you have finished the questions to the second scenario; you will be provided a link for the emotional intelligence survey.There are numerous surveys on the market to evaluate your EI quotient. Today you will be taking one of those.
In all, each survey should take no more than 10 -12 minutes.

 All data collected is confidential. Anonymity will be maintained. No data will be correlated to specific individuals. We plan to submit our research paper for publications in several academic journals.  For those that complete the 2 surveys and provide us with an email address you will be entered in a raffle for 5 gift certificates from Starbucks coffee. Should you want a copy of the research results and/or EI quotient results please submit an email address at the end of this survey. Submitting an email address is optional and is ONLY required if you want a copy of the research results or to be entered into the raffle.  

Should you have any questions please contact either Marie Sterling,  mariesterling@hotmail.com, or Dr. Wanda Curlee, wanda@wandacurlee.com.
Each survey should take 10- 12 minutes.
We thank you in advance for your participation.