The Atlanta Local Food Initiative (ALFI) wants to know how much food is being produced in and around Atlanta! Your personal / home garden is an important part of that – each garden may seem small, but if we add them all up, it can make a big impact.

Help us document the vitality of urban food production around Atlanta so we can highlight successes and find where to focus support and attention. Please be honest in your responses; we are most interested in getting accurate, correct results so that we can document the true garden status of Atlanta.

Please let us know WHAT you’re growing WHERE! We will not share your location unless you choose to be marked on our Garden Map. Please only one person per household.

* 1. Do you grow or produce food for personal use (in a garden bed, pots, trees, or by means of animal production)?

* 2. What foods do you grow or produce? Please check all that apply.

* 3. Approximately how many total square feet do you have in food production?
Square feet = length (in feet) X width (in feet)

We think it’s important to understand where gardening activity is taking place throughout metro Atlanta, so please tell us where you are growing food. We will not share your address with anyone else or use it for marketing purposes.

* 4. Where is your garden located?

We are producing a map of food gardens in Atlanta to reflect community resources. If you give permission, we would like to mark your garden on our map.

* 5. May we mark your garden on our map?

* 6. Additional comments:

Thank you for taking the time to tell us what you’re growing and where!