Please give the Camp DAMP organizing committee your feedback and ideas.

Camp DAMP 2018 will be held August 3-5 at the Methodist Camp in Juneau. The organizing committee appreciates your taking a few minutes to answer this survey and share your ideas for camp. Thank you.  

* 1. Have you ever attended a weekend or longer dance camp?

* 2. If you have never attended Camp DAMP, please tell us why.

* 3. Where do you live?

* 4. If you have attended Camp DAMP, did you like the location (at the Methodist Camp)?

* 5. If you have attended Camp DAMP, what have you liked and disliked most about it?

* 6. What activities would you like to see offered at camp this year (2018)? Would you like to see activities other than dancing and music offered?

* 7. Camp DAMP, as it is currently organized, needs more people to participate in the full weekend of activities to ensure its success. What would make participating in all days of camp attractive to you?

* 8. The Camp DAMP organizing committee has discussed possible alternatives to Camp DAMP as we currently know it, should participant registrations not sustain the current model. Ideas include taking a year or more off from having Camp DAMP, holding it in Gustavus for one year, and hosting dances and workshops in town rather than in a sleep-in camp setting. What are your thoughts on these ideas? What other alternatives can you suggest?

* 9. Would you like to help organize Camp DAMP this year or in the future? If so, please provide your name and contact information below. Thank you. 

* 10. What is your age?