Hello Everyone! My name is Shane Boland. I will be taking on "project management" for now. I have had 20 people respond so far looking to help with this project. 

First, let me clear up a few possible myths:
1) No work has been done on this project yet: We are still at the Idea phase. I am looking to get a team of dedicated people together to work on this as a side project.
2) This is not a job, there is no payment involved: We are all working on this project for fun. This is not a full-time job. You will only be asked to put in as much time as you feel willing.
3) Everyone on this team is EQUAL: I am not your boss. I'm just a dude. Everyone has equal say in everything going on in this project. I have recieved responses from all over the world. This is fantastic! Let's all play nice, make a kick-ass website, and become friends/mentors to one another.

I want to hear from you all, and get your opinions, so please answer the questions below.

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