Participant Information Leaflet
The knowledge and attitudes of Early Childhood Educators in relation to the characteristics and education of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
You are invited to participate in this research project which is being carried out by Aileen Ryan, 4thYear Clinical Speech and Language Studies student.Your participation is voluntary. Even if you agree to participate now, you can withdraw at any time without any consequences of any kind.
The study is designed to investigate the knowledge and attitudes of Early Childhood Educators toward Autism Spectrum Disorder .
If you agree to participate, you will be asked to fill in a questionnaire which should take approximately 5 minutes. By filling out the survey you are consenting to participate. The questionnaire involves answering some general demographics questions and some questions about your knowledge and attitude towards autism.
My research may benefit stakeholders in the assessment and intervention of Autism Spectrum Disorder by emphasising the important role Early Childhood Educators have in early identification and intervention.
Any information or data which we obtain from you during this research will be completely anonymous. All data will be kept in a locked cabinet or password encrypted memory stick which may only be accessed by me and my research supervisor. Upon completion of the project the data will be kept by the Department of Clinical Speech and Language Studies in TCD for a period of five years and then destroyed.
If you have any questions about this research you can ask me. You are also free, however, to contact any of the other people involved in the research to seek further clarification and information. My email address is My research supervisor is Dr. Kathleen McTiernan and her email address is
Please keep this letter for your records. 
Thank you for your participation.