1. Round 4

* 1. Before you get started, tell us who you are!

* 2. Onto the bracket ...

Maybe we should call it the Big Love bump?

With new episodes of HBO's show about about a family of polygamists airing now, Ginnifer Goodwin just barely edged out singer and golf-course owner Justin Timberlake. But edge him out she did.

Which pits her up against soul legend Al Green. We're reminded of the phrase "Age before beauty" but you never know ...

Oh, wait, YOU actually do know. Tell us: Which is it?

* 3. Weather or news — that's the question.

WMC-TV weatherman Dave Brown is still forecasting wins in our bracket, after beating out defense attorney Leslie Ballin.

And Flyer senior editor John Branston most recently showed CA columnist Geoff Calkins the door.

So, again, news or weather?

* 4. Everything always seems to come back to politics. And this bracket is no different.

In the last round, Shelby County mayor A C Wharton escaped the clutches of the FBI's My Harrison, leaving him pitting against ...

Wait, what's this? Tigers basketball coach John Calipari has been disqualified for leaving the arena in the middle of the game? Shameful behavior, really. The bracket commissioner is considering a possible fine.

But that leaves U.S. congressman Steve Cohen running against Wharton for a spot on the Flyer four. Which are you voting for?

* 5. In this round, we have two Titans of industry ready to duke it out.

In the first corner, we have FedEx founder Fred Smith (who easily defeated TV's Judge Joe Brown for the position. What can we say? FedEx does have pretty good commercials).

In the other corner, we have the Neelys, television's first-family of barbecue. It's really too bad they can't work together, but they can't.

Will Smith send the Neelys packing? Or will the Neelys grill up another win? You decide.