Customer Service Survey

ThankĀ  you for your feedback!

* 1. Staff greeted you and offered to help you.

* 2. Staff communicated effectively.  They asked questions and listened to my concerns.

* 3. Staff demonstrated knowledge of the services.

* 4. Staff provided sufficient information to help solve my problem.

* 5. Staff was courteous throughout.

* 6. Overall, how would you rate our customer service?

* 7. What did you like best about our customer service?

* 8. How could we improve our customer service?

* 9. Is there a staff person you would like to commend? (Staff's Name; reason) (Angela, Aubrie, Ava, Brian, Darla, Janet, Laura, Lindsey, MaryAnn, Michaela, Roberta, Vickie, Wendy)