1. Here's what this is all about...

We're thinking about creating an entirely new coaching program which will tell you everything you ever wanted to know about [YOUR TOPIC] (and there are tons of tips and secrets we've discovered over the last few months that you should know!)  

We're almost done with the planning for this course, and we want to make sure we don't leave anything out. And that's where you can help.

We'd like to know what you most want to learn right now about [YOUR TOPIC]!

Here's the deal: If you give us a few moments of your time and input, we'll gratefully give you a FREE membership of this new program as soon as it's done! 

And because you're helping us out by doing this, we'll hold nothing back.

All we need to know is: what do you want to know most about [YOUR TOPIC] so we can make this new program truly outstanding? It could be anything at all... even if you think it's silly.

Just answer the survey questions and type your most important questions in the boxes below... ask us any question that will help you the most and we'll make sure to include it in the course.

Thanks so very much for your input, we really appreciate it!

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* 1. What is your single most important question about getting more out of [YOUR TOPIC]?

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* 2. How difficult has it been to get consistent, accurate advice on [YOUR TOPIC]?

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* 3. Have you found the products you've purchased from us in the past helpful?

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* 4. In your opinion, what has been the BEST thing about the products you've purchased from us? Please share your thoughts below...

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* 5. What could we have done better to help you achieve more with [YOUR TOPIC]? Don't be afraid to rake us over the coals, we really do value your honest feedback :-)

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* 6. If we DO create a new product, what two things would we absolutely HAVE to cover in depth to help you make a massive difference in your results?

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* 7. If we really wanted to knock your socks off with the new program, how should we do it?