Breakfast with Pastor & First Lady

"Breakfast with Pastor & First Lady" gives you an opportunity to meet New Harvest Church Leaders and enjoy a delicious breakfast. You will be served as Kings & Queens and greeted and served by the Pastor & First Lady. (Please state below the Sunday you will be joining us. Breakfast starts at 10:50am sharp.) If your date falls on a Sunday that Pastor or First lady is unable to attend, we will call to reschedule for a later date. Please Fill info below, thank you!

* 1. What is your First and Last name?

* 2. What is your Contact Number?

* 3. What is your Email address?

* 4. How many will be attending the Breakfast?

* 5. What Sunday will you be attending? (please choose the date you will be attending the breakfast before service) If your unable to attend the Sunday of your choice, please email to request for a later date.