Machine connectivity is certainly one of the hottest topics in industrial automation today.  But the question is what is the return on investment (ROI) on machine connectivity and how much is the data that results from machine connectivity actually worth?  

ARC Advisory Group has a developed a brief survey to ask experts such as yourself who utilize industrial machinery to provide their valuable insights on machine connectivity.  In exchange for this effort, ARC will provide all respondents with a free copy of the survey results. 

Topics covered in the survey include:
  • How machine connectivity supports your business
  • Approaches you have taken to connect your machines
  • Rough estimate ranges as to how much you spend now for machine connectivity (and expect to spend in the future)
  • What are the benefits and drawbacks of connected machines?
  • The value your company derives from machine data
  • Any negative consequences you have seen from not being able to connect to your machines
ARC thanks you very much in advance for taking this survey and looks forward to sharing the results and a $100 discount code for PTC’s LiveWorx conference with you, once the report has been published.