* 1. I am typically involved with corporate wellness initiatives.

* 2. I would describe my role mostly as: (check all that apply)

* 3. I have been involved with a wellness initiative that gives employees, who typically sit at a desk, opportunity to displace some of the work done at the desk - onto a treadmill and a walking desk.

* 4. Please complete the following sentence:

A walking desk could be added to _______ of the work environments that I am accustomed to.

* 5. A walking desk could be added to the work environment of a call center.

* 6. How many employees do you think will change behaviors, to incorporate a walking desk, if their environment provided the option?

* 7. Just giving the opportunity to use a treadmill and walking desk will provoke behavior modification among employees resulting in improved individual and corporate wellness; or do employees need more incentive?