MHHS Strategic Plan Community Feedback Survey

MHHS would like your input and feedback on the draft priorities, goals and objectives for MHHS' 2021-2024 Strategic Plan. Please review the draft goals and objectives below and provide your comments. All responses are strictly confidential. Please contact Ann Nienaber, Executive Director, MHHS, if you have any questions.

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* 1. Priority: Excellence and Innovation in community and settlement services
Goal #1: Programs and services are reflective and responsive to the needs of the community:


1.1 Develop the capacity to offer employment services that employment services that empower newcomers to find meaningful and gainful employment and smoothly transition into the labour market.

1.2 Develop new services that better respond to those in crisis, those that are disadvantaged due to language, employment and social isolation.

1.3 Develop youth programming that prepare youth to enter and access the labour market, find meaningful employment and actively participate in the workplace.

1.4 Enhance the Youth Program to nurture leaders for tomorrow and be active citizens that contribute to a better future.

1.5 Develop new programs and activities that will target seniors' social isolation and work to better include seniors in the community.  

1.6 Increase senior’s literacy on social media applications to help seniors interact and socialize.

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* 2. Priority: Excellence and Innovation in Community & Settlement Services
Goal #2: Existing services are strengthened and continuous improvement initiatives are incorporated to ensure excellence in program delivery:


2.1  Invest in staff development to ensure that staff have the knowledge, tools and information required to deliver high quality settlement services, program activities and workshops.

2.2 Work with staff to develop and document a set of best practices and operational procedures that should always be followed in all service delivery

2.3 Regularly analyze survey feedback from client satisfaction surveys and workshop surveys and work to incorporate suggestions into service delivery processes.

2.4 Periodically evaluate programs and services including the current service delivery cycle and work with staff to implement necessary and appropriate continuous improvement initiatives.

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* 3. Priority: Excellence and Continuous Improvement in Governance and Operations
Goal # 3: An organizational environment and culture reflects best practices and continuous improvement initiatives in all facets of the organization, including administration, human resources, finance, and governance:


3.1 Uphold transparency and accountability in all aspects of organization operations.

3.2 Ensure that MHHS is an attractive place to work and volunteer and that human resource policies reflect industry best practices and standards.

3.3 All service delivery procedures are documented to ensure consistent standards and consensus in program delivery and administration.

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* 4. Priority: Community Recognition, Organizational Reach and Strategic Partnerships 
Goal #4 : Newcomer and community organizations are aware of the positive and impactful work MHHS does in the community:


4.1 Implement an impactful communication strategy that leverages all forms of communication, including social media.

4.2 Track and analyze social media analytics and other forms of feedback such as survey and anecdotal input to measure our impact and reach in the community.

4.3 Produce a regular newsletter that showcases MHHS’ programs and services as well as the impact that MHHS has on the lives of newcomers (storytelling).

4.4 Gaining the support of other funders and exploring other avenues of sustainable funding such as corporate funding.

4.5 Increase the number of MOU’s and partnerships in the community.

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* 5. Any further comments?

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