1. Teen relationships

This is a survey for teens, and how they feel about relationships.

* 1. When is the typical age to start dating?

* 2. If you got out, would you ever go back to an abusive relationship?

* 3. If you are abused as a child, are you more likely to abuse your kids?

* 4. At what age do you think teens are becoming more sexually active?

* 5. Would you ever tell your "best friend" your deepest secrets?

* 6. Do you feel comfortable discussing your life issues with your parents?

* 7. How important do you think it is to have a boyfriend or girlfriend?

* 8. Do you think it is okay to have a random party hook up?

* 9. How many teen do you think feel the need to have a huge social life?

* 10. Do you think every teen needs someone to talk to?