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Jeanett Trad was born in Mexico City the 9th of October, 1982. She studied Law at Universidad Iberoamericana from August 2001 to May 2006. On March 2003, by invitation of one of her professors at Law school, she started to work as a law clerk in the Law firm Barrera, Siqueiros y Torres Landa, S.C. and furthermore, she was appointed as junior associate in January 2007. Her areas of practice are Environmental Law, Health Law, Consumer Protection Law and Corporate Law. She worked there until July 2009 in order to come to UC. Berkeley.

She feels very passionate about teaching the Law, so in order to get experience as a Professor, as a side project besides working in the Law firm, she started lecturing at a high school where she worked for 2 years. After, she finally was invited by the Director of the Law School of Universidad Iberoamericana to become lecturer of Environmental Law, becoming the youngest of all the professors teaching such class. She has always felt very passionate about the law and her career, so since she graduated from law school, she had the plans to study her masters abroad, and so, did some research in order to seek for the best Environmental Law program and that´s the reason why she came to UC. Berkeley to study her LLM.

Once completed her LLM, she will go back to Mexico. She will continue lecturing Environmental Law at Universidad Iberoamericana and to work in a Law Firm. But the story doesn´t end there, after studying here and learning not only U.S. Environmental Law, but ecological practices in California, she has realized that Mexico needs more citizen action in order to create conscience about the environmental problems that her country is facing now a days, so she feels really committed in transmitting this message to the Mexican people, so as a personal project with the collaboration of her brother, both are working on the project to create non-for-profit organization that will be focused in environmental education and other campaigns for the protection of the Mexican Environment and Natural resources.

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Any time I mention Harry's name to someone - no matter the context - the immediate response is always something to the tune of "Oh! I love Harry!" Harry is extremely observant, wickedly smart and gives the best hugs of anyone in law school. He tends to work WAY too hard (even by law student standards), but if you can catch him on a rare break, it is delightful to watch his face light up by the thought of sushi or frozen yogurt or some other well-deserved treat. --- Harry I suppose will make an amazing lawyer because he has an uncanny ability to argue, hypothesize or wax eloquently and convincingly (and endlessly) about even the most arcane of subjects. He also has an incredible mind for puns and can knock out a sudoku puzzle faster than anyone I've ever seen. -- More importantly, Harry came to law school for a couple reasons - because he was intellectually bored with his previous job in computer programming and because he wanted to make a positive impact on some corner of the world. He hasn't lost his idealism and I am so excited to watch where his second career will take him.