* 1. The class was enjoyable, and was a quality experience.

* 2. The instructor was prepared for the class.

* 3. The facility was clean and prepared for the class.

* 4. It is easy to register for YMCA programs.

* 5. I am satisfied with the number of weeks in a program session. If not what do you think would be better?

* 6. YMCA programs are an excellent value for the fee charged.

* 7. What type of membership do you have with the YMCA?  

* 8. My family plans to continue our family membership.

* 9. If you or your child is a non-Y-member/program participant, what would entice you to become family member?

* 10. Part 1: Describe the impact a Y staff person has had on you and/or your child.

Part 2: If you have additional comments please add them to the comment box below.  

Customer satisfaction is our goal and we are interested in hearing what you have to say here about your experience and what other programs you would like us to offer.