* 1. Are you interested in learning practical skills to live more sustainably?

* 2. Please describe your living arrangement below:
Do you own or rent?
Where do you live?
What kind of place?

  Rental Owner Apartment Small block Large block Hobby farm Large farm
Melbourne CBD
Melbourne Inner suburbs
Melbourne suburbia
Outer Melbourne
Within 50km of Melbourne
Outside 50km of Melbourne
Please write your postcode below

* 3. How far are you willing to travel to do a workshop?

* 4. Are you interested in hands-on workshops on the following topics:

  1 day workshop 2 day workshop
Introduction to Permaculture Design
Growing organic vegetables
Growing organic fruit and berries
Milking goats
Farm animals - pigs, cows, sheep, goats, sheep, alpacas etc
Indigenous plants and revegetation
Bush Tucker and Aboriginal plant use in Australia
Edible weeds
Wildcrafting - acorns, dandelions and more
Herbal wisdom
How to grow Edible Mushrooms
Edible Forest Gardens
Urban homesteading
Guerilla gardening, seed bombs and radical permaculture
Integrated Pest Management
Slug and snail reduction strategies (co-teacher is my pet duck Ducky)
Traditional basket weaving
Rare breed animals
Seed saving

* 5. Are you interested in workshops on the following hands-on skills:

  2 day workshop 5 day workshop 14 day workshop Weekly daytime Weekly evenings
Permaculture Design Course - 72 hour internationally recognised qualification
Sawmilling your own timber
Digging swales
Fencing for urban properties
Fencing for rural properties
Nature awareness
Reading landscape for permaculture designers
Digging dams
Keyline and Yeomans ploughs
Farm animals: designing and caring for larger animals - pigs, cows, sheep, goats
Revegetation with indigenous plants
Bush Tucker and Aboriginal plant use
Edible Forest Gardens

* 6. How much would you be prepared to pay for a workshop?

  1 day workshop 2 day workshop 5 day workshop 14 day workshop

* 7. What days of the week do you prefer for workshops?

  Daytime Evening
School holidays
Not school holidays

* 8. For longer workshops what kind of accommodation would you prefer?
Camping with an outdoor shower would be free, other accommodation may cost extra.

* 9. Are you interested in women only or men only workshops?

* 10. Optional:
Would you like to know about upcoming workshops please write your name and email below.
Any other comments, requests or ideas?