We're interested in your thoughts on the following questions:

* 1. What appeals to you about the idea of an Environmental Choice label for C&D waste services?

* 2. Do you see a gap in the C&D Waste market that an ecolabel could fill?

* 3. Who do you think would see value in the label? What would the label need to deliver to be valuable?

* 4. Have you been asked to verify good practice, and what proof have you provided?

* 5. If a label was awarded to a service provider, how often do you think we would need to check that the services still meet the requirements?

* 6. What do you think are the most important environmental impacts to set criteria about?

* 7. How do you think C&D waste service providers currently differentiate themselves?

* 8. What type of record keeping is already standard practice?

* 9. What barriers do you see for uptake? Do you have any good ideas for how to overcome these?

* 10. Please provide your name, company and contact details. Thank you for completing our survey.