1. Important Information

Important Instructions
1. KMP mentee application takes around 40 minutes and has 48 questions.
2. It is suggested that you use a desktop or laptop to complete this application. 
3. Please commence if you have 45 minutes and required documents as listed below.
4. You cannot save this application or submit it at a later time. Please ensure you complete it in full before you submit it. 

Apply by 26 November 2021.

Documents to be uploaded at the end of the application
  1. Your updated resume/ CV
  2. Certificate of English proficiency (IELTS or equivalent). Does not need to be current
  3. Your Australian Visa/Citizenship Certificate
  4. Your headshot photo in good quality (to use in our presentations)
  5. A National Police Clearance (NPC) certificate obtained within the last 6 months/a receipt of NPC application. 
Mentee Eligibility
To be connected with a mentor, you need to:
  1. have a minimum post-secondary education equivalent to a degree
  2. have international work experience in your profession
  3. have completed KMP Job Readiness workshop or will complete once you have been accepted to be part of the program
  4. be ‘job-ready – this means you are ready to start a job in your field, in Australia, at any given time
  5. have limited (< 1 year) or no Australian work experience in your profession/industry
  6. be currently unemployed or underemployed (i.e. not working in your field of expertise)
  7. have full work rights with no time restrictions in Australia. In this cycle we also have a limited number of mentee positions available to skilled migrants on Temporary Graduate Visa (subclass 485) Post- Study Work stream that have at least 1 year left on their visa,
  8. have lived in Australia for five years or less
  9. have competent English language proficiency to perform effectively in the workplace in your field. (For details on the requirements through alternative test results, please see Department of Home Affairs.)
  10. have obtained a National Police Clearance within the past six months. If you do not have a police clearance, please arrange your 100 point ID check and apply now
Mentee suitability
As a skilled newcomer professional, you need to:
  1. be actively seeking work in the field related to your qualifications/experience
  2. have current core skills required to work in your profession
  3. be able to commit to the program for 72 hours (30 hours with your mentor + 18 hours KMP Job readiness workshops  + 6 hours of Cultural Competency Training +  18 hours additional)  over 3 months.

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