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We are on a daring quest to help first home buyers find their dream home. This 3-minute survey will help us understand the needs and pain points of buying property. So with your recent experience as a first home buyer, we want to see how we can turn the experience into a WOW journey for future first home buyers and iron out some of the stumbling blocks that currently may exist. 

SO you want to help that's great and thank you. So in return for completing the survey and offering to help with further research (Question 16), you will get our First Home Buyers App absolutely free when it is released. Yep absolutely FREE!!

And don’t worry, your data is specifically for this research in developing new First Home Buyer tools and will be held in strictest confidence. We promise!

Question Title

* 1. Have you purchased property as a FIRST HOME BUYER in the past 3 years or currently in the midst of buying or working towards buying in the next 12 months