Thank you for participating in our survey. 

Contour 556 is a research project being undertaken by Neil Hobbs,  a PhD candidate at University of Canberra in the Faculty of Arts and Design.

Neil's research field is art and the public realm:

He is seeking answers to the research question "Can art transform the Public Realm?"

The project seeks to explore a new way of looking at landscape, through temporary artwork interventions. 

Questions in the following survey cover basic demographic responses, then participants may choose to answer more direct questions about their experiences.  By  submitting responses to the survey questions you consent to your responses being used as part of the research outcomes.

Participation in the research via the survey is completely voluntary. No personal information is sought and there is no method of identifying respondents. The only potential risks to participation relate to privacy and confidentiality. All the data collected will be stored securely and only accessed by the researcher. Great care will be taken to ensure that any reports of the data do not identify any individual or their circumstances.


Only the researcher will have access to the individual information provided by respondents. The research outcomes will from part of my PhD exegesis and may be presented at conferences and written up for publication. However, at all times, the privacy and confidentiality of individuals will be protected.


No personal information is required to be submitted and there is no way that respondents can be identified.

Data Storage

The information collected will be stored securely on a password protected computer throughout the project and then stored at the University of Canberra for the required five year period after which it will be destroyed according to university protocols.

Ethics Committee Clearance

The project has been approved by the Human Research Ethics Committee of the University (HREC 15-66).

Queries and Concerns

Queries or concerns regarding the research can be directed to the researcher and/or supervisor. You can also contact the University of Canberra’s Human Research Ethics Officer, Mr Hendryk Flaegel, via phone 02 6201 5220 or email: