* 1. 1. On a scale of 1 – 5 with 5 being feeling great, how would you rate your overall health and wellness?

* 2. If you ranked yourself less than a 5 above, are you interested in how you can improve your overall health and wellness and apply it?

* 3. What are some obstacles to improving your overall health and wellness? (Check all that apply)

* 4. Which of the following would you like more information on to help improve your health and wellness?

* 5. In regards to your overall health and wellness which area(s) are you MOST interested in finding out more information?

* 6. If you are interested in additional information in any of the topics, would you like to attend a regular (monthly or once every two months) session on the topic?

* 7. If you would like to attend these regular sessions, what evening of the week works best?

* 8. What motivates you to be more intentional about your spiritual and physical wellness? (Example: life-changing event, sickness, overweight, I want to keep feeling good, etc.)