1. Sulfur Dioxide in Wine-Making

CleanFutures AquaSens (www.cleanfutures.com.au) is developing the AquaSens biosensor technology to measure the sulfite content in wines using a highly sensitive, portable device. As part of our market research process, we are interested in the importance of sulfur dioxide in your wine-making processes and how such a device might meet your needs.

Thank you for your participation. Note that your answers will be anonymous unless you agree to disclosure (See Q.10).

For further information about this survey or our product, please contact Dr Kristin Alford, CEO of CleanFutures AquaSens at kristin@bridge8.com.au or 0410 442 629.

* 1. Do you add sulfur dioxide into your wines?

* 2. How many direct customers (including retailers, hospitality or cellar door visitors) ask about the sulfite or sulfur dioxide content of your wine?

* 3. How do you measure the amount of sulfur dioxide (free SO2, total SO2, or both) in your wine?

* 4. Do you adhere to any restrictions or particular levels on sulfur dioxide content?

* 5. How would you like to be able to monitor the sulfur dioxide content during the wine making process?

* 6. What are the cost impacts of using sulfur dioxide in your winemaking?

  High Medium Low
Cost of using sulfur dioxide
Cost of testing for sulfur dioxide
Impact of sulfur dioxide content on final price

* 7. What other sort of sensing tools do you currently use during the wine making process and for what? For example pH, Baume, temperature etc.

* 8. How do you classify the size of your operation?

* 9. If our proposed product would allow sulfur dioxide measurements to be returned from a small sample of wine in less than 10 minutes. How many portable devices would you consider to meet your needs?

* 10. Which wine region do you produce wine for? (Please state country and geographical indication).

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