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Equality and Diversity Pre-Training Questionnaire

This pre-training questionnaire is designed to help us find out as much as possible from you about the training we will be carrying out for your organisation.

The content of the training will be based on the answers you give us, so please be frank about your training needs and any issues you feel are relevant.

* 1. Our equality and diversity training is tailored to meet your specific needs. At the design stage our highly qualified training team will use the completed survey to meet your identified needs. Please outline below your training requirements

* 2. Please record your name and contact details

* 3. Training you require.e.g. Transgender awareness, Unconscious Bias, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, Managing Diversity in the Working Environment,  etc.

* 4. With regard to the training please provide up to 3 aims you want for the training course

* 5. Please provide up to 3 outcomes you want from the training course. By the end of the course delegates will:

* 6. When was EDI training in the area/s selected undertaken?

* 7. In your opinion, how well developed is awareness, knowledge and
understanding of your chosen training area applied to work/roles and
everyday practice? (by you the individual and by the organisation as a whole)

NB: please answer this question honestly as the training is pitched at the
level of understanding and experience based on responses

* 8. If you have selected excellent or good, please provide detailed evidence for this grade (please say whether your evidence relates to personal or organisation practice)

* 9. Please select from the list provided any specific content you want to see included in the session.

* 10. Identify here any specific equality, diversity or inclusion issues you would like to be included in the training content.

* 11. Are there any specific areas of development you want covered as part of the training? 

* 12. Please let us know if anyone attending has specific needs,such as dyslexia, that we need to take into consideration in our course design, planning or delivery, 

* 13. Please be aware that our training is interactive and person/organisation centred we would appreciate it if you would share (in confidence) any current/pressing inequality issues in order that we can tailor the programme accordingingly.

* 14. The training details/information (if the training is in house)

* 15. Have you any specific needs or dietary requirements we need to be made
aware of