* 1. How easy is it to get the resources you need to teach at this school?

* 2. How safe do you feel teaching at this school?

* 3. How useful is the feedback the principal at this school gives you?

* 4. How much support does the administration at this school give to the teaching staff?

* 5. How reasonable are the expectations for student achievement at this school?

* 6. Does this school give too much attention to standardized tests, too little attention to them, or about the right amount of attention to them?

* 7. How well do teachers at this school collaborate with each other?

* 8. How much attention does this school give to your professional growth?

* 9. How much financial support does this school give you for your professional growth?

* 10. Overall, are you satisfied with the teaching experience at this school, neither satisfied nor dissatisfied with it, or dissatisfied with it?

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