In the tradition of honouring hospice volunteers and in memory of the late June Callwood, Hospice Palliative Care Ontario is pleased to announce our annual call for inductions into the June Callwood Award Circle of Outstanding Volunteers.

The June Callwood Award was established in 1994 by the Hospice Association of Ontario, joined in 2011 with the Ontario Palliative Care Association to form Hospice Palliative Care Ontario, to acknowledge and thank outstanding hospice volunteers throughout Ontario. The award was named in honour of the late June Callwood, the Award Patron, long‑time advocate of hospice, community activist, author and recipient of the Order of Canada. June was a recipient of this award in 1995.

Volunteers are very special people - a view strongly held by Ms. Callwood and expressed by her on many occasions, during interviews on TV and radio, through her warm message of support at HAO’s annual conferences and through her writing. Her book, Twelve Weeks in Spring, captured the spirit of hospice and emphasized the importance of the many and varied contributions of a team of volunteers.

In all her years as a journalist, author, broadcaster and humanitarian, June Callwood’s name became synonymous with integrity, talent and passion for social justice. She has touched the lives of generations of Canadians by giving that passion expression through her words and through her work in the service of those in need.

Hospice Palliative Care Ontario, through the June Callwood Circle of Outstanding Volunteers honours not only June, her tireless commitment and contributions to the hospice movement but also to all those who receive this prestigious annual award.

Nomination Deadline:
Applications and nominations for the award are accepted annually until  March 1. Once the online system closes, no late submissions will be accepted and no extensions will be granted. 

Each hospice in Ontario that is a HPCO organizational member, is invited to nominate one volunteer from within their organization who exemplifies the spirit of hospice volunteerism. Each nominee - strictly by virtue of the organization’s nomination – will be inducted into the June Callwood Circle of Outstanding Volunteers.  
Award Criteria:
  • Inductees must be registered as a volunteer with a hospice that is an organizational member of Hospice Palliative Care Ontario
  • Inductees must not be previous recipients of the June Callwood Award
  • The Inductee is an individual who consistently extends him/herself beyond the usual requirements of the volunteer role
  • Each inductee should have demonstrated to their hospice the following attributes:
  • Selfless service
  • Generosity of spirit
  • Compassion
  • A commitment to excellence as a volunteer
The Nomination Process
  1.  Select one volunteer recipient using your own process and based on the award criteria.
  2. The executive director/agency head or board chair must approve of the nomination.
  3. There will be an award luncheon fee of $60 if the nominee is attending to receive the award. If not attending, after conference, HPCO will forward the award to your hospice for presentation. 
  4. If your nominee is attending to receive the award, they are able to attend the conference  sessions the day of the Award presentation.
  5. Your nominee will receive a letter of congratulations from HPCO and additional information about conference with a copy to the hospice executive director/agency head.
  6. When completing your nomination online you will be asked for the following information:
(all fields are mandatory)
  • Your contact information
  • Your Hospice name
  • Nominees name
  • Nominees mailing address
  • Nominees contact information
  • Nominees years of service with your hospice
  • Briefly (100 words or less) describe why you have chosen your nominee. This will be included in the award booklet.
  • One sentence that best describes the nominee. (this may be read on stage during the ceremony)
Registration of Your Inductee to Attend the Awards Ceremony
The registration of your inductee to attend the presentation of the June Callwood Awards will be done exclusively online, via the conference registration system at  Credit card only, will be accepted.
Frequently asked Questions
What if my recipient is registered for the full conference?
If your recipient is registered for the full­ conference.  Their conference registration will cover the cost of the luncheon.
May we nominate more than one volunteer, such as a team of two?
No. Only one nominee per hospice, per year, with the exception of spousal partners in which case the fees are payable for each person. 
May my recipient bring a guest?
Yes, to a maximum of two guests. The luncheon fee of $60 per person must be registered and paid in advance by credit card via the online registration system.