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1. Please share your name, email address, and phone number with us in order to be entered into the Kindle Fire drawing.

3. Bank employee name?

4. If unable to get name, please provide description. (gender, age range, height, build, hair color, hair length)

5. Were you greeted/acknowledged when you entered our bank in an appropriate amount of time to make you feel welcome?

6. Was your business handled efficiently, accurately and in a timely manner?

7. Did the bank employee display confidence and knowledge of the bank products and services?

8. Did the bank employee offer additional products or tell you about the current promotions?

9. In terms of the service you received from the bank employee, how satisfied were you with the following?

  Very satisfied Satisfied Neutral Dissatisfied Very dissatisfied
Friendly and courteous manner
Eye contact
Efficient service
Did you feel valued as a customer
Professional appearance

10. Would you recommend Connecticut River Bank, N.A. to family and friends for their banking needs?

11. Connecticut River Bank, N.A. strives to provide "service that earns your trust." Do you feel that the bank employee succeeded in providing this?