Have you been blown away by something or someone in the greater Portland arts and culture community?

We want to know about it!

At Juice we will shine a light on art and culture at its most potent, most impactful, most ingenious and most game-changing.

We want to know who or what has really moved and inspired you. Maybe it's a group, individual, business, partnership, funder, organization or maybe something we haven’t considered!

Tell us who or what in Multnomah, Washington and Clackamas counties went above and beyond, made you think differently, changed a community.....you get the idea. But don't hold back. We want every juicy detail.

Feel free to use this worksheet to prepare your answers. 

Winning stories will be filmed and shared in front of Juice's 400+ audience. Honorees will receive their award from the Juice stage. 

Deadline for nominations: Friday, December 8

Question Title

* 1. Who or what are you nominating? Please provide the name(s) of the group, individual, business, partnership, funder or organization here:

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* 2. Nominated by: (your first and last name)

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* 3. Your organization:

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* 4. Your email and phone:

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* 5. Now's your chance to tell us why this nominee(s) blew your socks off. Please provide your reason for the nomination.

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* 6. How has the nominee made an impact?

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* 7. How has the nominee served as a model to others?

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* 8. Describe the audience benefitting from the nominee's contribution.

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* 9. Which of the three following counties are served by the nominee's contribution? (Check all that apply)

Thank you for your nomination!

Before you complete this survey, if you would like to submit multiple nominations, please use this worksheet. Additional nominations can be emailed to Alison Bailey at abailey@racc.org.

Okay, now you can click DONE. :)