Journey Basics Quiz


* 1. Please answer all the questions below so you are given credit for completing the training.

* 2. In the illustration of the Girl Scout Leadership Experience (GSLE), the Girl Scout troop is like a:

* 3. Leaders are an essential part of the GSLE, they are the _______________ when the girls are Daisies and as the girls become Seniors and Ambassadors, they become the ___________________.

* 4. The GSLE also has us look ahead to where we want to go, why?

* 5. The National Program Portfolio consists of:

* 6. How many Journeys are there for each level?

* 7. How many Girl's Guide to Girl Scouting books are there for each level?

* 8. What are Skill Building Badge Sets?

* 9. What 2 levels do not have Skill Building Badge sets?

* 10. How do girls earn the Journey Summit Award?

* 11. Are Legacy badges in the Girl's Guide to Girl Scouting?

* 12. The __________ ___________ is essential to understanding and facilitating the Journey for the girls.

* 13. There are _____ pathways for girls to participate in Girl Scouts.

* 14. Are you able to do more than just the Journey steps when completing the Journey?

Thank you for completing your Journey Basics Quiz. Your answers will be reviewed and notice of your completion of the quiz will be given to your Service Unit Manager.

If you have any questions, call Sue Rowe at 302-456-7171 or Tiffanie Chandler at 410-742-5107.