Informed Consent

                                       INFORMED CONSENT

The Researchers: My name is Jalessa Maglio, I am doing this research as part of my Masters in Organizational Psychology at Adler University. If you have any questions about the research, you can contact myself or my Advisor. Our contact information is below:

Student Researcher:    Jalessa Maglio         Telephone #: 778-689-2104       E-mail:

Research Advisor:        Dr. Lucy Jdanova     Telephone #: 604-482-5510       E-mail:
                            This research has been approved by the Adler University Research Ethics Board (REB)

Purpose of the study: This study examines how workplace politics and personality traits interact to predict employees’ levels of job satisfaction, organizational commitment and intention to quit.  Workplace politics is defined as behaviors that promote and/or protect self-interest without regard for the well-being of the workplace or fellow coworkers.

Procedure: As a participant, you will first be asked to read and accept the informed consent form. Next, you will complete the survey which takes about 15-20 minutes (103 multiple choice questions). Once you have finished the survey we will ask you some questions about yourself and your workplace. Some examples include your gender, education, what year you were born, and the number of employees at your organization. We will be asking you these questions so that we can describe the group of people who take the survey and better understand these relationships. 

If you choose, you can receive a copy of my final thesis which summarizes the survey results of the study and enter a draw to win one of three Starbucks gift cards worth $20. If you choose, there will be another website at the end of the survey where you can submit your email address to enter the draw and receive a copy of the final thesis. By using a separate website, it makes sure that your email is not linked to your survey responses. You can enter the Starbucks draw even if you do not finish the survey. You will however need to answer all the questions for your answers to be included in the study.

The Study is Voluntary: You can decide if you want to participate in the research. There will be no problem if you say “no.” You can quit the survey at any point by clicking “exit” at the top of the page. This will take you back to this page where you can click HERE to get more information about entering the draw.

8% of survey complete.
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