* 1. Youth Basketball Officials (Please rate officials as a whole not individually) (Individually ratings can be done through our official evaluation forms on our website)

  1 2 3 4 5
Overall please rate the complete season for officials.
Overall please rate the officials on their knowledge of the youth rules and regulations.
Overall please rate the officials on their knowledge of NFHS and OHSAA rules and regulations.
Overall please rate the appearance of the officials.
Overall please rate the professionalism of the officials.

* 2. Do you have suggestions ( not complaints) on improving the quality of officials? (Keep in mind that there are over 50 games per week with over 20 officials officiating each week. We are looking for suggestions to make youth league officials better.

* 3. 3/4 Grade League: Please answer the following based on pressing rules.

* 4. All Leagues: Defensive rules for 2nd half. (1st half will stay as is)

* 5. Scorestable: Please make suggestions for the scorestable. Keep in mind that in order for us to use high school venues that we must offer jobs/opportunities for our current basketball players to work. The pay is not much but it does allow for student/athletes in school to work during their season. We would like to improve this area of the league but cannot remove the kids from working, please offer suggestions on how we can improve in this area. 

* 6. Subbing: Please note, our league is a fair play league. (Each player on the team must play one entire "un-interrupted" quarter in each half)

* 7. Do you feel that all communities playing in the Stark County Youth Basketball League should follow the same draft procedures when selecting teams?

* 8. Due to increasing number of teams would you like to see the divisions broken up by grade: 3rd grade division, 4th grade division, 5th grade division, 6th grade division. 

* 9. We are looking at doing an all-star weekend during the holidays next season: 3 pt contest, lay-up contest, foul shooting contest, skills competition. We would select one player from each team to participate in each category. Do you like this idea.

* 10. Please list any suggestions for the future to make our league better?