* 1. Full Name, Address, Cell Phone & Email Address

* 2. List All Completed & Current Education
(School, location, degree, date of graduation or expected date)

* 3. Experience With Craft Beer/Bars:
Employer, Position, Location, Dates of Employment, Supervisor, Contact Info (email and or phone)

* 4. Other Work Experience

* 5. Special Craft Beer or Wine Training: Certification, Location, Date

* 6. Are You TIPS Certified? If So: Cert. #, Date, Expiration Date

* 7. Other Special Skills, Knowledge, Abilities That Make You Unique:
(Farming, Brewing, Plumbing, Juggling, Electrician, Etc.)

* 8. What Are Your Goals In Life & Why Do You Want To Work For Green Man?

* 9. Availability To Work: Preferred Days & Times, Other Responsibilities (Job, School, Family, Etc.)

* 10. Please List Your Top 10 Favorite Beers (Or Beers You Find Interesting) And Explain What You
Like About Them?