Over the past 30 years, the American Industrial Hygiene Foundation (AIHF) has awarded more than 687 scholarships totaling nearly $2 million to students enrolled in the following programs:
  • A graduate or undergraduate degree program that is fully ABET-accredited under the Industrial Hygiene Program Criteria or under the Environmental, Health, and Safety Program Criteria
  • A graduate public health degree program fully accredited by CEPH, with a program concentration in Environmental Health
  • An Industrial Hygiene or similarly named program offered at a NIOSH-ERC or a NIOSH Training Project Grant in industrial hygiene
  • An industrial hygiene or similarly named program at one of the following Canadian institutions: McGill University, University of British Columbia, Universite de Montreal, Universite du Quebec a Trois- Rivieres (UQTR), or University of Toronto
  • The M.S. in Occupational and Environmental Hygiene at New York University. 
Building upon this success, the AIHF Board of Trustees is pleased to announce that they’re opening their eligibility pool to dedicated students studying industrial hygiene and/or occupational and environmental health safety from IH programs that wouldn't meet the criteria listed above.

Before a student from a non-qualifying IH program can be eligible for an AIHF scholarship, a school administrator (Dean or Chair of the Program) must complete the following application justifying why their program and students should be considered for an AIHF scholarship.

The deadline to submit this school application form is January 10, 2020. Any additional required documentation must be emailed to aihf@aiha.org by the deadline date.