For several years now, we at the Thomas B. Fordham Institute have hosted an annual “Wonkathon” on our Flypaper blog to generate substantive conversation around key issues in education reform. This year, in light of high school diploma scandals in D.C., Maryland, and elsewhere, we asked participants: What standards should students meet to graduate from high school?

All twenty-three entries are now posted on our website, so as in years past, we’re asking the public to vote for who they think is 2018’s “Wisest Wonk.” The polls are now open, and voting will be done in two ways: with an online survey and on Twitter via "favorites." A voter can make their selection using one medium or the other, and can only cast one vote. Everyone will have until close of business on Tuesday, March 20, to pick a favorite. We'll then tally everything and announce our first-, second-, and third-place winners.

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