As the Afterschool Alliance continues to develop webinars and resources, your feedback ensures that content is topical and relevant. The questions below should take no more than 5 minutes of your time. 

Thanks for all that you do to support students, families, and communities across the country! 

The Afterschool Alliance Team

* 1. Overall, how helpful was this webinar for you?

* 2. Tell us more: Please give us insight into what was most helpful, or alternatively, what would have made the webinar better.

* 3. Rate our resources: How helpful to your work was the resource guide provided in the webinar?

* 4. Share your knowledge: Are there additional tools or resources that you would recommend for other attendees?

* 5. Share-worthy? Do you plan to share ideas and content from this webinar with your staff/colleagues?

* 6. What's next? Will you implement recommendations from this webinar in your program or practice?

* 7. Tell us more: If "yes," which recommendations or tools might you use and how might you employ them. If "no" or "unsure," please explain why.

* 8. May we follow up with you in a few months to see how this webinar may or may not have influenced your work/programs?