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* 1. Applicant Information:

* 2. Why are you interested in becoming a Programming Assistant?

* 3. What can you contribute to the Programming Assistant position and the Student Activities Office?

* 4. What has been your favorite campus event?

* 5. List all your campus activities, organizations, offices held, and honors that will
help your candidacy (athletics, student organizations, community service, etc.).

* 6. PAs will be assigned a specific area within Student Activities based on interest and skill. Please refer to detailed position descriptions on the PDF application.

Please rate on a your interest in the individual programming areas (1 being your top choice):

* 7. Programming Assistants serve as Student Activities representatives on University-wide planning committesfor many of PhilaU’s campus traditions. ALL Programming Assistants will serve on the Ram Jam Planning Committee. Please rate your interest in the following planning committees:

* 8. Please reflect on your rating system in question #6. Please explain the reasoning behind your first and last choice.

* 9. Are you on judicial probation or have you been held responsible for disobeying university policy? If so, please explain:

Applicants must supply two references. References may be a recent employer or PhilaU faculty, staff, or student leader. At least one reference must be affiliated with PhilaU.

* 10. REFERENCE #1

* 11. REFERENCE #2

Thank you very much for your interest in applying to be a Programming Assistant (PA).

In addition to completing the online application, prospective PAs must submit their resume and fall 2013 availability to Heather Horowitz (horowitzh@philau.edu) by Friday, April 12th.

Interviews will take place before the end of the spring semester. Please note that Programming Assistant training will be in August. The entire staff is required to participate.