The MOOBRIC is a tool that has been designed for academic teaching staff at Avondale College of Higher Education. It is intended for staff to use the MOOBRIC as a catalyst to identifying their current and future online teaching and course development skills.

Because Avondale College of Higher Education uses Moodle as its Learning Management System, the MOOBRIC integrates the use of Moodle terms throughout each of its components., but is a generic tool.

Please answer the following questions after you have seen the MOOBRIC.

* 1. How do you think the MOOBRIC could be used?

* 2. Please comment on the structure of the MOOBRIC.

* 3. Is there anything missing from the MOOBRIC? If so, what?

* 4. If used as a self-reflection tool to identify your own skills as an online teacher and course developer, how useful do you think the MOOBRIC would be?

  Not useful Useful in some ways Quite useful Very useful N/A
Useful as a self-reflection tool

* 5. Do you have any additional comments or questions about the MOOBRIC?

* 6. How do you use Moodle?

Thank you for your time.