Complete this survey and return by May 21
to be entered in a drawing for one full page in the
2018 Fall Parade Guide

* 1. Please provide your company name.

* 2. What was your primary purpose for participating in the Parade of Homes?

* 3. Compared to what you expected, was attendance:

* 4. How did you consider the attendance?

* 5. What is your "best estimate" of the largest number of visitors to your home? (If you had more than one home on the Parade, pick the house with the highest amount of traffic)

* 6. The communication between the HBA and your company was:

* 7. How would you rate the importance of the Parade of Homes Guide?

* 8. How would you rate the advertising and promotion of the Parade that was done through newsprint, TV, radio, interviews, sponsor, website, social media and billboards?

* 9. Did you sell your Parade entry or receive any build jobs as a result of the Parade?

* 10. If you sold your Parade Home or received a build job from your home, what age group would you say the buyers are?

* 11. If you sold your Parade entry or received a contract to build from the Parade, would you be willing to give us a testimonial to use in future Parade marketing?

* 12. Did you obtain what you consider to be "good leads" which may result in future construction or sales?

* 13. Does the Parade provide better "people contact" than other methods you use for advertising based upon cost?  Please rate the comparison using the categories below:

* 14. What is the most positive comment you would make about the 2018 Spring  Parade of Homes?

* 15. Briefly explain how you benefited from this Parade:

* 16. If you had a home in the 2018 Spring Parade, how was this Parade compared to the last Spring's Parade?

* 17. What do you think of the new mobile app and the builder analyticals?

* 18. Do you have any suggestions/ideas for ways the HBA can enhance the builder experience in the future?