Channel 28/Rossmoor Television Survey

The Communications Department is interested in resident feedback on Channel 28, Rossmoor’s community access channel. All residents are invited to answer the following survey.

* 1. How often to you watch programs on Channel 28? (Mark one)

* 2. How often do you watch the following types of programs on Channel 28:

  Always Occasionally Rarely Never
GRF-related programs
Interviews with the CEO
Insurance programs
Financial programs
Medicare programs
Emergency Prep programs
Health & Exercise programs
Entertainment/Music programs
Classic Arts Showcase
Arts/Drama programs
Book discussions

* 3. List your top 5 programs that you watch on Channel 28

* 4. Is the TV Guide that is printed in the Rossmoor News easy to read?

* 5. Have you ever used logged onto the electronic version of the Rossmoor News, at, to check out Channel 28's TV Guide?

* 6. Do you look at Channel 28’s Post-It for upcoming event information?

* 7. Do you enjoy seeing photos of Rossmoor events on Post It?

* 8. Have you ever exercised to any of Channel 28’s exercise programs?

* 9. Have you ever seen any emergency announcements at the bottom of the screen on Channel 28?

* 10. Have you ever played Channel 28’s Bingo game, which is usually held on the first Tuesday of the month?

* 11. Have you ever borrowed out any of Channel 28's DVDs from the Rossmoor Library?

* 12. Is there a type of program that is not currently being featured on Channel 28 that you would like to watch? Or, is there a type of program that is currently featured on Channel 28 that you want to see more of?

* 13. How can Channel 28 improve?

* 14. Any additional comments regarding Channel 28: