Young and Emerging Scholars (YES!) Task force 
Gender Commission, IGU

This year sees the launch of YES!, the IGU - Gender and Geography Commission’s task force for Young and Emerging Scholars. YES! mirrors the Youth Task force forming at the IGU level and will act as a networking, sharing and mentoring platform for early career feminist geographers. Please take a moment to complete the quick survey below so we can best meet the needs of our community.

* 1. Current position and institution:

* 2. Email contact (optional):

* 3. I would like updates about YES! (we will add your email address to our listserv - emails won't usually go out more than once monthly)

* 4. What are the key challenges you face/d as an emerging scholar?

* 5. What are your professional goals? What is most important to you in terms of your work?

* 6. What should YES! prioritise as a group? i.e., In your opinion, what would be most useful?

* 7. Are you aware of other groups that are useful as networking, sharing and mentoring platforms for early career feminist geographers? If so, can you tell us a bit about these groups and what you like about them?

* 8. Other comments/ ideas for the YES! task force?

* 9. Are you interested in being involved as a task force committee member?