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* 1. RBS, a bank that the public has a 70% share in, has just reported losses of £24b for last year. Do you think that the man responsible for this failure, former RBS Chief Executive Sir Fred 'The Shred' Goodwin, should now start receiving at the age of 50 a £650,000 a year pension?

* 2. RBS, UK Financial Investments - the body that oversees the public's shareholdings in the bailed-out banks - and the Government have all asked Sir Fred to reconsider his pension package. Do you think we should now attempt to claw back Sir Fred's pension?

* 3. If you are in favour of clawing back Sir Fred's pension, how much would you like him to receive a year?

* 4. Do you think it's right that Sir Jackie Stewart should keep his sponsorship contract with the publicly owned RBS, worth a reported £4m?

* 5. Do you think that RBS should rip up Sir Jackie's contract and take the risk of him taking the bank to court?